March 4, 2008



Members Present: 


Lynne Thomas-Roth   

John Bruns

Glynn Marsh               

Pat Goudy

Al Butler


City Staff Members Present:                


Denise Winemiller



          Mrs. Thomas-Roth called the Planning Commission meeting to order.


          Attendance was taken and all members were present.


          Mrs. Thomas-Roth welcomed Mayor Goudy to the planning commission meeting. 


          1.       Mrs. Thomas-Roth asked if there were any changes or corrections to the minutes of the September 11, 2007 planning commission meeting.    There were no corrections so Mr. Marsh moved that the minutes be accepted as prepared.  Mr. Bruns seconded the motion.  Mayor Goudy abstained and the other planning commission members voted for the motion.  The minutes of the September 11, 2007 planning commission meeting were accepted as prepared.


          2.       08-01 - Zoning Change Request from Mary Ann Schellhaas to change the zoning of 119 South Main Street, Leisure Living from Commercial-2 (C-2) to Commercial-1 (C-1).   


          Mrs. Winemiller said that Mrs. Schellhaas had called and was unable to come to the meeting due to the weather.  She would have to drive in from Arcanum.


          Mrs. Winemiller said in 1981, the city had changed that area of zoning along Main Street from R-4 to C-2.  Leisure Living was already there before the zoning change. 

          Mrs. Schellhaas requested the zoning change in order to bring the property into compliance for the existing furniture business.  There are no immediate plans to change the property use, however the C-1 zoning would allow more choices. 

          Mr. Marsh said the differences between C-1 and C-2 zoning were spelled out in the codified ordinances. 

          The commission members noted that the C-1 parcel shown on the map was the day care center and Mrs. Winemiller said that zoning change occurred in 1996. 

          Mrs. Winemiller said the properties across the street were also zoned C-1.

          Mrs. Thomas-Roth asked about the residential property that is owned by Dr. Staddon who has a house located behind Leisure Living.

          Mrs. Winemiller noted that both C-1 and C-2 allow for pre-existing residential properties. 


          Since this is a rezoning issue, this matter will need to go to the council to set a public hearing.  Mr. Marsh said that he did not think there would be much objection to this zoning change.


          Mr. Marsh moved to approve this application and forward the request for a zoning change to the council to set a public hearing date.  Mr. Butler seconded the motion.  All concurred and the motion was passed.



          3.    Open Agenda


          Mrs. Thomas-Roth asked about the sign inside the building at State Farm.  She said that the building had been beautifully remodeled but they were using a hand drawn for rent sign.

The sign is inside the building posted in a window so there was a brief discussion on whether this sign would be covered under Union’s sign ordinance.  Mrs. Winemiller offered to check into that.

          Mayor Goudy speculated that it might be a temporary sign used while waiting for a professional sign to be made.  The commission members said the hand drawn sign had been in use for awhile. 

          Mr. Marsh said that the sign ordinance was on the square footage and that he would have to review the regulations.  Mayor Goudy suggested that they write a letter or stop by and talk to the business owner. 


          Mr. Marsh asked if the minutes from the planning commission meetings could be delivered to the board members before the next meeting and Mrs. Winemiller agreed. 


          The planning commission members asked if there was any activity in the developments.  Mrs. Winemiller said that Union Springs was having a plaque made for the shelter house honoring Andy Clemmons and that when the weather changed, they were hoping to move forward.


          Mayor Goudy asked about parking trailers at Union Tire and Auto.  In the discussion that followed, they determined that Union Tire is a commercial area and overnight parking is permitted.   Mrs. Winemiller said they have asked that they keep the trailer back from the road so it won’t obstruct anyone’s vision at the intersection.  They noted that there is a similar situation at Continental Testing.



          Mr. Marsh said that he thought that the electrical business on Martindale needed to be cleaned up and that the plants to be used as a screen were not really appropriate.


          4.       Mr. Marsh moved that the planning commission be adjourned.  Mrs. Thomas-Roth seconded the motion.  All concurred and the meeting was adjourned.