January 9, 2007



Members Present:                Lynne Thomas-Roth    Glynn Marsh

                                             Al Butler                       Lawrence Beyer

                                           John Bruns


City Staff Members

Present:                                John Applegate              Denise Winemiller



          Mrs. Thomas-Roth called the Planning Commission meeting to order.  Attendance was taken and all of the members were present.


          1.  Mrs. Thomas-Roth asked if there were any additions or corrections from the minutes of the November 14, 2006 planning commission meeting.  Mr. Marsh said on page 7, concerning the cemetery on County-Line Road, it says the road goes south and it should say "north" of the cemetery on County Line. 


          Mr. Marsh also said on page 8, concerning "the Glen" and some corrections on the map, a corrected copy was to be prepared for the council.  He asked if that had been done and if the planning commission could also have a copy of the corrected map.  Mr. Applegate said the map had been corrected and the corrected copies were distributed to the council.


          Mr. Bruns moved that the minutes be accepted as prepared with the correction made.  Mrs. Thomas-Roth seconded the motion.  Mr. Beyer abstained and the other members voted for the motion.  The minutes were accepted as prepared.


          2.  07-04 - Preliminary Plan application for “The Grove” from Oberer Development, located south of Stoney Crest Subdivision.


          George Oberer was present at the meeting along with Rob Voisard and Dale Voisard.


          Mr. Oberer said they were asking for approval for this plan.  He said they were originally planning 220 units.  As they got further into the engineering plan, they realized that the wetlands was a concern.  In working with the Union staff and Miami Conservancy District, they will try to preserve as much of the wet lands as possible.  The Miami Conservancy District is helping provide them some funds towards utilizing the property.

          They are planning 87 lots with 69 being smaller than 3/4 of an acre and 18 lots will be more than 3/4 of an acre.  The larger lots would surround the smaller lots.  They will leave the street as a rural street with improvements typical  of a city street with a cul-de-sac and internal streets.  There will limited access to Antioch School road with a small number of driveways. They will not have a lot of streets emptying into Antioch School Road which will preclude them from making unnecessary improvements on the road.  Mr. Oberer said this is a considerable drop in density and will preserve some green space.  This plan is better utilization of the land. 


          All of the lots will be serviced with public utilities.  The entrance to the cul-de-sac and entrance along Frederick will be improved with fences, consistent with the other phases of Stoney Crest. 


          He asked if there were any questions and said he had brought his engineers.


          Mr. Butler asked how they were going to finish off the lots on Antioch School Road.  Mr. Oberer said they would be rural in character.  They will leave the lots wide enough for a driveway or turn around so they won’t have to back out onto Antioch School Road.  This area will stay like the rest of the street.  The internal lots will have sidewalks, curbs, sidewalks, storm sewer, etc. 

          They are not considering widening Antioch School Road or putting in any curbs.  They will continue the rural lot character. 


          Mr. Beyer asked Mr. Oberer what his definition was of a rural road.  He said where there is no curb or sidewalk.  The new homes will match the existing look of the other properties that front Antioch School Road.   


          There will be a single entrance to each section and they will not connect. 

          Mr. Marsh clarified that the amount of acreage proposed for wetlands is roughly 25 acres out of 77 acres.


          Mr. Beyer asked if there would be a problem for emergency services.  Mr. Applegate said this is not different than what is in other developments.  

          Mr. Applegate said they were trying to obtain Clean Water Funds with the Conservancy District.  They want the area to be left natural and connecting the two sections could destroy the area. 

          Mr. Oberer said they have developed a loop system where they can exit. 


          Mr. Marsh asked how utilities reach the denser area.  The utilities go down Old Springfield Road and will go up the cul-de-sac.  Mr. Oberer said it would be minimal disruptions for eight inch water and ten inch sanitary. 

          Mr. Applegate asked if the sanitary sewer would come down from Old Springfield or from the back also.  They said it would all come from the back. 


          It would all go back to the same lift station. 


          Mr. Butler asked if the water flow was sufficient with the existing line.  Mr. Applegate said they would be looking at that.   


          The larger lots would be considered Phase I.  Mr. Applegate asked if they would be matching the existing curb on Stoney Crest, where it runs east to west now, down on Old Springfield.  There is no sidewalk but Mr. Applegate thought the curb would look good on the south side, for continuity.   

          Mr. Applegate asked Mr. Oberer if they had considered some way to generate funds, either a monthly or annual fee to help the city to maintain the property.    He said the conservancy district is considering some kind of a path system.  Mr. Applegate said the city would need some funds coming in for that.  Mr. Oberer said he would work with the city.  Mr. Oberer said they have not heard from the conservancy district on what kind of pass they would like to see in there.  There would need to be a homeowner’s association established, to maintain the entry ways, etc.

          Mr. Applegate said he would want that to be included in the covenants.  The city does not have the money and can not afford to take over 25 to 30 acres, even if it will be left in its natural state.  Mr. Applegate said he made it clear that there would be a monthly fee from the property orders.


          Because of the springs, etc., they want the park left natural, with no benches, paved paths, etc.  Mr. Applegate said Sara Hippensteel from the Miami Conservancy District has agreed to help design a site plan.  


          Mr. Marsh asked about if it would be necessary to eradicate the ash trees because of the emerald ash borer.  Mr. Applegate said there will be some liability that they will have to address if the trees die and fall. 


          Mr. Marsh asked when they thought they would be starting the development.

          Mr. Oberer said they were going to watch the market.  Mr. Applegate suggested they start with the cul-de-sac.  He thought there would be a demand for the larger lots.

          Mr. Marsh said he was wondering when the additional twenty-five acres would be transferred to the city. 

          The Clean Water funds that they were discussing in relation to the wet lands were state funds. Mr. Applegate said depending on the action that the planning commission would take, he would contact them and start arranging for the funds. 

          Mr. Marsh was concerned about costs of upkeep for the ditch along Antioch School Road.  Mr. Applegate said the right of way was outside the city and belonged to Butler Township. 

          There was a discussion of road right-of-way.  The engineers felt that they would not need to widen the road. 

Mr. Applegate said they would still need to anticipate widening the road at some point.  Mr. Applegate said they needed to match what the county was doing.  He added in the future, the road would sometime be widened to have five lanes.  Those details would be worked out for the final plan.  Mr. Applegate appreciated how they treated Antioch School Road.  Mr. Oberer said he appreciated the city’s flexibility and cooperation. 


          Mr. Marsh asked about an open grassland area.  Mr. Applegate said they hoped to continue farming that because that would generate income for the city.  Mr. Oberer suggested they lease it to the farmer and then he would have to maintain it.  Mr. Applegate said they are considering that. 

          They are working with the Miami Conservancy District on some of these items. 


          Mr. Oberer said they would develop some covenants and deed restrictions for the area.  They are planning to develop the cul-de-sac first after putting in the utility lines. 


          Mr. Marsh moved to approve the preliminary plan, 07-04 for "The Grove".   Mrs. Thomas-Roth seconded the motion.  All concurred and the motion was passed.


          3.       Open Agenda


          Mr. Applegate said Union Springs has a few properties sold. 


          There were no other items for the open agenda. 


          4.       Mr. Beyer moved that the planning commission meeting be adjourned.  Mr. Butler seconded the motion.  All concurred and the planning commission meeting was adjourned.