August 14, 2007



Members Present:            Lynne Thomas-Roth       John Bruns

                                      Glynn Marsh         



City Staff Members

Present:                           John Applegate               Denise Winemiller




          Mrs. Thomas-Roth called the Planning Commission meeting to order.


          Attendance was taken and Mr. Beyer and Mr. Butler were absent.


          1.       Mr. Bruns moved to approve the minutes from the January 9, 2007 meeting.  Mr. Marsh seconded the motion.  All concurred and the minutes were approved.


          2.  07-06 - Final Plat Application for Union Springs, Section 3.


          Mrs. Thomas-Roth introduced Mr. Winemiller who was at the meeting. 


          Mr. Winemiller said the plans for Union Springs called for a gazebo or shelter.  Originally, it was planned for the northwest corner of the pond.  After looking at the pond, and the site’s topographical features, they decided to move it to the southwest portion of the pond which would be on the north side of Lakeside Trail.  That road cuts close to the side of the pond so there would not be any lots in that area suitable for building.

          Mr. Applegate asked what the clearance was from the top of the pond and he asked for the water elevation.  Mr. Winemiller said it was about fifty feet at the closest point.    Mr. Winemiller said they were considering a 20' by 40' shelter/gazebo with some walking trails in that area.  They will come back with a plan for the shelter and some off street parking.  They are considering six parking stalls on the north side of Lakeside Trail. 


          Mr. Applegate asked how far down on Lakeside Trail on the north side of the road would the houses be.  Mr. Winemiller said within another one hundred or one hundred- fifty feet. 

          Mr. Winemiller said they have marked the location of the shelter.  The long section runs in the east/west direction. 

          Mr. Winemiller said they were trying to get the road extended so they can get the people down there to utilize the walking trails.


          Mr. Applegate asked questions to clarify the direction of the road and the location of the shelter.  He also asked if there would be parking along the curb.  Mr. Winemiller indicated where the parking would be.  Mr. Applegate said he was concerned about the parking and the location of the edge of the pond. Mr. Applegate suggested they plan on a barrier curb instead of bumper blocks due to the possibility of cars rolling forward. 


          Mr. Winemiller said the pond had been cleaned up and the stone has been put down around the ring.  Work in Section II is being completed.  A ditch along Phelps Farm had to be made deeper as part of handling the storm water.  Mr. Winemiller added that they have been able to drop the water elevation of the pond so they could do some improvements such as cleaning out trash and vegetation.  The contractor is going to install a fairly large outlet structure and the elevation for the pond will come back up.  They are also considering adding some kind of a water fall feature in the vicinity of the shelter house.

          Mr. Applegate said if the area for the shelter was staked out he would like to take a look at it.  He said his only concern was the water level and parking cars. 

          Mrs. Thomas-Roth said she thought the plan looked awkward in that area and she asked about the parking and walking trails.  Mr. Winemiller said they would look at it again after the street is in.  They were planning some kind of tiered landscaping or a rock wall.  The road elevation would be roughly about six feet above the water.  Mr. Applegate said he was having difficulty imagining how the parking spaces would be installed. 

          Mr. Winemiller thought it would be 25 to 30 feet from the parking spaces to the water, and within that 25 to 30 feet, there would be a six to seven foot drop.  Within that space, there would also be the walking trails.  Mr. Applegate clarified that they would have level parking spaces and some kind of a wall.  He said he understood the problems and the difficulty in defining this.  Mr. Applegate said the city still wanted some say once the curbs and street was in.  Mr. Winemiller was agreeable with presenting a landscape plan.


          Mrs. Thomas-Roth asked why the shelter house was moved?  Mr. Applegate said in the original preliminary plan, there was going to be a community building built on the north-west corner.  Mr. Applegate said part of the problem was that it was always wet back there and he noticed that they had been adding top soil to help dry it up.  Mr. Applegate said it had been their experience that if a shelter is farther away from the homes, there is more chance that it can be damaged.  If it is more visible where there are more people living and driving by, it would not be so likely to be vandalized.  Mr. Winemiller said the owner, Mr. Cobb, wanted the shelter to be more visible and a selling point for the building lots.


          Mr. Marsh asked about the four lots for Section II but the application has five lots.  Mr. Applegate said it was four building lots and one lot for the pond. 

          In further discussion, they hope to have a trail going around the pond but do not want the trail to come onto the building lots.  The owner wanted to avoid having any rear easements.

          Mr. Winemiller said they had not determined how many parking spaces were required.  Mr. Applegate said they would like to see a more defined plan once the road was completed.  Mr. Winemiller said they have created a strip of ground for a bike trail.   He said one of the problems was a power line.  Mr. Applegate said that the city will not accept building lots with high power lines. 


          Mr. Applegate suggested that Mr. Winemiller have Mr. Cobb talk to Mr. Phillipi because that road needed to be removed.  Mr. Applegate said he and traffic engineer Richard Oaks had looked at that.  Mr. Winemiller said if they could not get a response, he asked if he could get help from the city under eminent domain.  Mr. Applegate said that was correct.  He said safety-wise, they could not move the road off to the side, it would be two opposing t-intersections.  Mr. Applegate said several people had looked at it and if needed, Mr. Applegate would do that.  Mr. Applegate said they had talked about it back in 1997.  Mr. Winemiller said he thought a t-intersection in that design would work.


          Mr. Marsh said if this plan had come up earlier, Mr. Marsh said he would like to see some street breakthroughs for future development.  Mr. Applegate said they might need to have houses move back further so there could be.  They discussed creating a landscaping mound. 


          Mr. Applegate said it would need to be a four way intersection.  Mr. Marsh said he would have preferred a tie in there or somewhere else.  Mr. Winemiller said that the area used to be really wet but there is a ditch there and the area is dry now. 


          Mr. Applegate said that Woolperts have not given their comments on this plan yet.  Mr. Applegate asked for a motion, pending Woolpert’s approval and that they would require a landscape plan for around the pond in the future for the next section so they can have some input in the shelter and those lots. 

          Mr. Marsh said they were approving four lots, numbered  29, 30, 31, and 32.  He said to do the shelter or parking lots would have to come back before the planning commission.  They would need to be approved before building permits would be issued. 

          They talked about the number of parking spaces.  The development will have 115 units and the pond would be private.  The houses would be in walking distance of the pond and shelter.  Mr. Winemiller said they are currently looking at a minimum of six parking spaces so they would not contaminate the view.  Six parking spaces at ten feet wide would be sixty feet.  Mr. Applegate said they would also have parking along the street because they would have 32 foot back to back curb so he suggested Mr. Winemiller may want to consider two to four spaces for people to unload items at the shelter.  Mr. Marsh said he would rather see on street parking rather than a separate parking lot. 

          Mr. Applegate thought they could look at that later.  He suggested that they remain flexible on this. 


          Mr. Applegate said a lot would need to be created so an address could be assigned. The pond and homeowner association land that surrounds it would be a lot. 


          Mr. Winemiller said they are starting construction on Section 2.  Mr. Applegate asked that the road be done with Sections 2 and 3.  Mr.Winemiller said they will get the first course of asphalt down.  Mr. Applegate said they would like it done by November 1.  He said you could not wait any later or apply asphalt on frozen ground.  Mr. Applegate said it does not get the compaction or density needed. 


          Mr. Marsh moved that 07-06, final plat application for section 3 to contain four lots, 29-32, contingent upon approval of Woolpert Engineering, the City of Union, the Ohio EPA, and landscape plan, a permit for the shelter, a lot created, and the common area around the pond resubmitted to the planning commission for review at a later date, the plot plan to include shelter and landscaping for lot 5 which will include the pond and all of the homeowner association properties. 

          Mr. Bruns said they were approving the four lots and putting in an extra motion about the pond.  They decided to just include the first four lots in the motion.  Mr. Bruns seconded the motion.  All concurred and the motion was passed.

          They decided to make a second motion to emphasize that new plans should come forward for the shelter, common area, etc.  Mr. Bruns said let the minutes show that the planning commission expects that in a reasonable length of time, they expect to see plans for the common area.  That comment was taken as a motion and Mrs. Thomas-Roth seconded the motion.   Mr. Applegate said that a reasonable length of time would be after the construction of Section 2 and 3 because it sets the elevation of the curbs.  Mr. Marsh said they did not want them to move too far ahead on the shelter house before it was properly planned.


          Mr. Applegate said once the street was in they would get a better idea of what things would look like.

  All the planning commission members voted in favor of the motion and the motion was passed. 


          3.     Open Agenda


          Mr. Applegate said that the first house in Five Rivers has been sold and they may have three more sold. 


          Mr. Marsh said there was a preliminary discussion about the Grove.  Mr. Applegate said that project was dropped.  The city received the grant for 25 acres.  The plans were rearranged but that may still change because someone is trying to buy two large lots off of Frederick.


          The Glen is also being reworked for submission in September but they are concerned about the rock in the area. 


          4.       Mrs. Thomas-Roth moved that the Planning Commission meeting be adjourned.  Mr. Marsh seconded the motion.  All concurred and the meeting was adjourned.