Union City Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting Minutes
Fourth Quarter 2003
October 15, 2003, Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2003


Members Present:

Glynn Marsh

Mayor Packard

Lynne Thomas-Roth

Lawrence Beyer

Dale Shields


City Staff Members Present:

John Applegate

Denise Winemiller


Mr. Shields called the planning commission to order and attendance was taken. All the planning commission members were present.

1. Mr. Shields asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes of the August 19, 2003 planning commission meeting. There were no changes so Mayor Packard moved that the minutes be accepted as prepared. Mr. Beyer seconded the motion. All concurred and the minutes were accepted.

2. 03-11 - Application for a final plat approval for Stoneycrest Farms Section III.

Mr. Applegate said this plan had been reviewed by Woolpert Engineering and approved by the staff and met the preliminary plan approved by the planning commission at an earlier meeting. Mr. Applegate said the staff recommended the approval of this section of the plat.

Mr. Marsh clarified that this would be the southeast section nearest to the intersection of Frederick and Old Springfield.

Mayor Packard moved to accept the final plat for Stoneycrest Farms Section III. Mr. Shields seconded the motion. All concurred and the plat was accepted.

3. Open Agenda

Mr. Applegate said they were currently at 67 new housing permits for 2003. All the homes that are under construction are already sold.

Mr. Shields commented that some of the siding on the homes in Irongate looked like it had buckled. Mr. Applegate said he could have Mr. Green, the building/zoning inspector check that.

4. Mayor Packard moved that the planning commission meeting be adjourned. Mr. Shields seconded the motion. All concurred and the planning commission meeting was adjourned.


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