Union City Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting Minutes
Second Quarter 2005
June 14, 2005, Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2005


Members Present:

Lawrence Beyer

Glynn Marsh

Robert Packard

Lynn Thomas-Roth

Dale Shields


City Staff Members Present:

Denise Winemiller

Glen Green


Mrs. Thomas-Roth called the Board of Zoning Appeals meeting to order.

Attendance was taken and Mr. Shields was absent but arrived later during the meeting.

1. Mrs. Thomas-Roth asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes from the March 8, 2005 Board of Zoning Appeals meeting. There were no corrections so Mr. Marsh moved that the minutes be approved. Mayor Packard seconded the motion. Mrs. Thomas-Roth, Mr. Marsh, Mayor Packard, and Mr. Beyer all voted for the motion. The motion carried.

2. 05-02 - Request from David Hoefler, 603 Franklin Avenue, for a variance in the side yard from the ten feet side yard requirement to eight feet so an addition can be built on an existing garage.

Mr. Green said that both he and Mr. Applegate had gone over the plans. Mr. Hoefler had a single car garage he wants to expand. Mr. Green said the zoning for the area is R-3 which requires a ten foot side yard but many houses in that plat already have smaller side yards, like five or six feet. Most of the
side yards are less than ten feet. With the addition there would still be an eight foot side yard and that was established by a professional engineer. In response to a question from Mayor Packard, the eight foot side yard still leaves enough room so that Mr. Hoefler would have access to the rear yard.

Mr. Shields arrived at the Board of Zoning Appeals meeting.

Mr. Beyer said he had no problem with his proposal. Mr. Marsh asked if Mr. Hoefler had approached his neighbor to the west. Mr. Hoefler said his neighbor had no objections.

Mrs. Winemiller asked if he would have a problem matching the roofing material to the existing home. Mr. Hoefler said he had enough shingles left to do the garage addition. Mr. Marsh asked if Mr. Hoefler would be doing brick on the corner. Mr. Hoefler said he would be doing a four foot brick wrap or possibly eight foot.

Mr. Beyer moved to approve the variance request for Mr. Hoefler. Mayor Packard seconded the motion. All concurred and the motion was passed.

3. 05-03 Request from John Dillard of Dillard Electric, 106 Quinter Farm Road for a variance to locate a new building within twenty feet of the west property line and to reduce the number of new parking spaces from twenty-five to sixteen.

Mrs. Winemiller introduced Mr. John Dillard and Mr. Bicknell, representing the adjoining property owner.

Mr. Green said Mr. Dillard wanted to build a warehouse. He said his property has an angle to it and Mr. Dillard attempted to buy additional land to square off the lot but was not able to do so. Mr. Dillard wants to build the warehouse on the west end of the property and keep the parking in the middle area. He also wants to use the building for storage of his vehicles.
Mr. Green said Mr. Dillard has signed a statement that if someone besides himself and Dillard Electric would use the property, they would have to add additional parking spaces and put in a curb cut to the west of the new structure.

Dillard Electric is in a Light-Industrial zoning area.
There will be sixteen new parking places. Mr. Green showed how the traffic pattern would be moving on the lot. Mr. Dillard said he did not have any need for all the parking spaces. He said they currently have fifteen employees. Some of the parking spaces that he has now are not used.
Mr. Green said that the barrier was addressed since it was an industrial area up against a residential area. Mr. Dillard is next to 18 acres zoned residential. Currently, there is a large mound. Mr. Dillard planned to move the existing landscaping mound adjacent to the property line and plant trees on top of it. Mr. Bicknell thought a four foot fence on top of the mound would be better than trees because of the maintenance issue.
Since the adjoining property owner expressed concern over the mound, Mr. Dillard decided to install a six foot privacy fence along the west property line.
Mr. Green said the landscaping is not what they were deciding at the meeting and they were not asking for a variance on that. The landscaping choice is between the two property owners. The city requires either a three foot mound with a three foot chain link fence or a six foot fence.

Mayor Packard said he had no problem with the request for a variance. Mr. Marsh asked if Mr. Dillard ceased using the proposed building as a warehouse, would he have enough parking spaces for the three separate units. Mr. Green said he would need at lease twenty-five. The difference between the twenty-five and sixteen would be nine spaces and those spaces could be added to the west of the new building. Mr. Dillard said if he would lease the building, he would add the extra parking spaces required.

Mayor Packard moved to grant the variance for a new building and for fewer parking spaces for John Dillard of Dillard Electric. Mr. Beyer seconded the motion. All concurred and the motion for the variance was granted.

4. Open Agenda

Mr. Beyer said he noticed a Brighten home that had the garage door open and that builder never finished off the garage interior. The interior of the garage shows the bare studs. Mr. Beyer suggested that they consider requiring that the builders finish the drywall in the garage. Mr. Beyer asked the board members to consider that. Mr. Green said he does it but most of the builders do not do it, although they offer to finish the garage as an option. The ceiling and the wall between the garage and the house is done.
Mr. Marsh said that could be part of the building code like overhangs.
Mr. Green said the city does not regulate the interior of the buildings. Mr. Beyer suggested Mr. Green get with Mr. Applegate.

Mr. Marsh asked if the old metal pole at the State Farm building had been taken down. Mr. Green thought that the post had been removed but he offered to check into that.

5. Mr. Beyer moved that the Board of Zoning Appeals meeting be adjourned.
Mr. Marsh seconded the motion. All concurred and the meeting was adjourned.

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