Union City Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting Minutes
Second Quarter 2003
April 8, 2003, Meeting Minutes

April 8, 2003


Members Present:

Lawrence Beyer

Glynn Marsh

Mayor Packard

City Staff Members Present:

John Applegate

Denise Winemiller


The planning commission meeting was called to order by Mr. Beyer. Attendance was taken and Mr. Marsh, Mr. Beyer, and Mayor Packard were present.

1. Mr. Beyer asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes from the March 18, 2003 special planning commission meeting. Mr. Marsh mentioned a typographical error on page 3, the fourth paragraph.
Mr. Beyer moved that the minutes be approved with the correction. Mr. Packard seconded the motion. All concurred and the planning commission minutes were approved.

2. 03-05 - Application for a replat requested by Robert W. Martin. This is for property located on Randolph Street.

Mr. Applegate said that as the drawing attached to the application indicated, an additional parcel of land was purchased so Mr. Martin would have enough property to build a single family home. Part of the property is zoned R-3 and part is zoned C-2. The rezoning of the C-2 parcel is scheduled for a public hearing on April 28. Mr. Applegate said the staff recommended the passage of the replat request.

Mayor Packard moved that the replat for Robert Martin on Randolph Street be approved. Mr. Beyer seconded the motion. All concurred and the replat was approved.

3. Open Agenda

There was nothing for the open agenda portion of the meeting.

4. Mayor Packard moved that the meeting be adjourned. Mr. Beyer seconded the motion. All concurred and the planning commission meeting was adjourned.

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