Van Attas Receive City’s Fifth Spirit of Union Award

The Van Atta Family of 408 Skipper Court is the fifth recipient of the Spirit of Union Exterior Improvement Award. Chris Van Atta, the green-thumb in the family, says gardening has been passed down through the generations. “My mother loved to garden, and her mother before her loved to garden,” Mrs. Van Atta said. “I guess I inherited it.”

Like her mother and grandmother, she loves flowers. “I remember Mom moving around flower beds every five years.” Chris did the same just four years ago, when she completely relandscaped her front and side yards. With the help of her neighbor, who is a professional landscaper, Chris transformed her yard into a thing of beauty. Shrubs, grasses, of course flowers, and even a pond with koi fish now adorn the property.

Chris and her husband Tim have lived in Union since 1982.

“We were looking for a place in between the town I was living in (Huber Heights) and the town he was living in (West Milton). Union proved to be the right place.” Here, the Van Attas have raised twin daughters Rachel and Cortney.

Chris’s advice for would-be gardeners: “Have a lot of energy!”