McFadden/Broderick Receive City’s Sixth Spirit of Union Award

Greg McFadden and Rosemary Broderick’s yard, you might find a bald eagle or two peering out at you, or a couple of squirrels, frogs, and rabbits popping out of the lawn. Actually, the “animals” are among many figurines that adorn the yard at 104 Irongate Drive in Union—the winner of the City’s 6th Spirit of Union award.

Greg, who has lived in Union over 20 years, loves to garden and says his grandfather was an early influence. “My grandpa was always working to improve his yard. In fact, he won a beautification award in Dayton for his efforts,” Greg said.

That same work ethic carries on. Greg and Rosemary have planted boxwoods, dogwoods, spirea, phlox, rosebeds, Rose of Sharon—not to mention perennials such as Black-Eyed Susans and balloon flowers. The front yard has taken on a desert motif: a concrete cactus, fountain, and some woodwork highlight the brick home. Three additional fountains can be found throughout the yard. This summer, the couple installed an arbor and rose garden. A scalloped picket fence and rock-work were added just a few years ago.

“We like to do something each summer,” Greg said. Next year, they’re considering enlarging the patio and adding a cover. “We want to make the whole backyard a garden.”

They also like to decorate their home for the holidays. The couple’s home has been recognized by the City of Union in recent years for its exceptional Christmas decorations.

Greg and Rosemary say they love living in Union and especially enjoy their neighborhood. “We appreciate very much being chosen for this award, but we’d also like to let everyone know that our neighbors do a great job with their properties!”