Linkers Honored with 16th Spirit of Union Award

Mr. and Mrs. Perry and Pamela Linker of 168 Marrett Farm Road are the recipients of this year’s Spirit of Union Award.

“I am very proud of the work my husband does in our yard. He takes great pride and considers the yard an extension of himself; he wants to project well to the neighborhood,” Mrs. Linker said.

She added: “He served as a Marine and they are very meticulous!”

The Linkers have lived in Union since 1986.  “We moved here because we got more house for the money – and it’s a really good place to raise children,” she said.

The family moved from their first home in Union, a one-and-a-half story house on Applegate Drive, to the one-level home on Marrett Farm, which they bought new in 2004.

“We plan for this to be our retirement home,” Mrs. Linker said.

Mr. Linker starts the planting season with a visit to Fellers Farm/Market where he buys geranium seedling plants that grow well for three seasons with his green thumb.

Mrs. Linker’s weekend spring through fall usually starts with a visit to the Farmers’ Market at Shiloh Church on North Main Street where she often picks up the cast-offs – spindly plants that look like they’re beyond hope.

“I will get things on sale, on their last leg, and Perry will bring them back from the brink,” Mrs. Linker said.

Over the years, he has adorned the yard with such flowers as irises, bleeding hearts, ferns, and “hens and chickens” (a term for small succulent plants). These flowers and plants are from his mother and sister – he has created memory gardens in their honor.

“He gets his green thumb from his mother,” Mrs. Linker said. “It’s a gift.”

Trees included on the sides of the house are lilac, weeping cherry blossom and red bud. There are pear trees in the back, and white flowering/fruit ornamental trees in front.

“The best season is the spring when everything comes to life,” Mrs. Linker said.

She also loves summer for the bright pops of red from the property’s abundant geraniums.

“I may not have his gift, but I like to decorate for the holiday seasons and bring fresh-cut flowers into the house,” she said.

Despite Mrs. Linker’s self-deprecation when it comes to gardening, she is a healer by profession: She has worked for years as a nurse at Kettering Medical Center and she teaches nursing at Sinclair Community College.  Mr. Linker is a manager at AutoZone.

The Linker family, in addition to Mr. and Mrs. Linker, includes their three grown children and Mr. Linker’s father, as well as six grandchildren.

The Park Board established the Spirit of Union Award in 1997 to encourage exterior enhancements of residential and business properties. Be thinking about the Spirit of Union Award for 2012 – perhaps you know someone whose property should be nominated – perhaps it’s your own property! More information about the City’s Spirit of Union Award can be found on the City’s website at