Kesslers Are Recipients of City’s Third Spirit of Union Award

Debi and Ken Kessler of 824 West Martindale Road are the third recipients of the Spirit of Union Exterior Improvement Award. Three years ago, the Kesslers were looking for a family-oriented community with close proximity to their work. They found it in the West Martindale neighborhood, which is just up the road from Union Elementary School. Also, a bike path runs behind the Kesslers’ home, which Debi says is a great bonus for the Kesslers’ two children, Ryan and Austin.

The home the Kesslers selected is a traditional-style two-story dwelling in an established area. The beautiful landscaping didn’t come with the house: it has been brought to life through Debi and Ken’s efforts. But two important items were “lucky finds” that did come with the home: a stack of bricks in the garage, which Debi used to construct a new front-entry walk; and a huge rock out front that just needed some flowers around it to spruce it up.

Debi said that because this is the third year for many of the plantings, they’ve now really sprouted. “There’s a gardeners’ saying,” Debi explained, “that the first year the garden sleeps, the second year it creeps, and the third year it leaps!”