How can I help to protect the environment in my community?

There are a number of great ways.

You can start by recycling.
The City of Union offers recycling as part of its waste pickup service (contracted through a private hauler). Residents may place all glass, aluminum and bi-metal cans, as well as some plastics, newspapers, and gable-top cartons and juice boxes into red recycling containers provided to each residence (some containers may be dark green). Download the list of accepted recycling items.

We also accept used oil.
Free 15-quart oil-drain recycling containers are offered to Union households while supplies last. The containers are part of the City’s free oil recycling program. Used oil can be brought to the City’s maintenance facility at 216 Shaw Road. Residents also can use their own containers. For more information, check information on our web site using the following link: Oil Drop-Off

More ways beyond our City ...
The Montgomery County Solid Waste District offers ways to responsibly dispose of unwanted items and debris. And there are a number of organizations in the region devoted to keeping our waterways and aquifers clean and our environment protected for future generations, including the Miami Conservancy District and the Montgomery County Soil and Water Conservation District.