Yard Maintenance

Properties should be maintained, with lawns, hedges and bushes kept from becoming overgrown or decayed. Grass may not exceed a height of 6 inches. All trees and bushes along sidewalks and streets should be trimmed back to provide a clear height of 10 feet above the surface of the sidewalk and 12 feet above the surface of the street. Overhanging branches should be trimmed back to the property line. If a property backs up to a City-owned greenspace, that area may not be used for gardening, planting of bushes, flowers, trees, etc. Trees and limbs or other natural growth that is rotting should be removed. Vines, grasses, rank vegetation, and noxious weeds, any of which that are 8 inches or more in height, should be cut down or removed. Please contact the City’s Zoning Inspector at 937-836-8624 if you have any questions.