Snow Removal

Union is one of just a few communities in the area that plows streets curb to curb when there is a snowfall of 2 inches or more. Our crews work round-the-clock—until every street, alley and cul-de-sac is cleared—to make driving safer for residents. Our equipment includes seven plows and two back-hoes to clear 31 miles of Union roads.

Please Help Out Our Snow-Removal Crews In These Ways:

  • By making sure fire hydrants are not buried by snow.
  • By ensuring the face of your mailbox is 6 inches behind the back of the curb (out of the way of snow plows).
  • By not depositing snow in the street. Residents are not permitted to deposit snow removed from their driveways into City streets. When using a snow blower or snow shovel, please deposit the snow in your yard as opposed to in the street. Piles of snow or ice in the street from a residential driveway can create hazardous conditions and liability for accidents.
  • By following specific regulations about parking of vehicles in the street during a snow fall—regulations designed to make the plowing safer and quicker for our crews so residents can enjoy cleared streets.

  • Snow Emergencies:
    During snow emergencies or heavy snow, vehicles must be removed from the street for at least 24 hours to allow crews to remove snow. Heavy snow means a snowfall with an average depth of 2 inches or more; drifting conditions are also considered heavy snow. Vehicles interfering with snow removal operations may be ticketed by police, subjecting the owner to a $30 fine and/or the vehicle may be impounded by police.

    For more information, please see the City of Union’s Snow_Ordinance.pdf