Peddlers and Solicitors and the Do-Not-Solicit List

Peddlers and Solicitors and the Do-Not-Solicit List    On July 9, the City of Union council approved a Do-Not-Solicit ordinance.  This ordinance will enable residents to sign up to “opt out” of having solicitors/peddlers come to their residence.  Union residents can sign up any time and their address will be added to the list.  Every five years, a new registration list will be created, and everyone will have to reconfirm that they want to be on the list.  Once a person is signed up, their address will remain on the Do-Not-Solicit list until the next time a new registration list is created (which is every five years) but residents always have the option to withdraw or add their address at any time.  If someone would like to be added to the Do-Not-Solicit list, the application is under FORMS/PERMITS on this website or use the link below to print off the form, fill in the information, and submit to Union city hall.