May 4, 2010




Members Present: 


John Bruns       

Lynne Thomas-Roth

Glynn Marsh                    



City Staff Members Present:                


John Applegate
Denise Winemiller



          The Board of Zoning Appeals meeting was called to order on May 4, 2010 by Mrs. Thomas-Roth.


          Attendance was taken and Mayor Goudy was absence due to illness.


          1.       Mrs. Thomas-Roth asked if there were any corrections or additions to the Board of Zoning Appeals minutes from March 2, 2010.  There were no corrections so Mr. Bruns moved that the minutes of March 2, 2010 be accepted as prepared.  Mr. Marsh seconded the motion.  All concurred and the minutes were approved.

          2.       10-02   Special Exception request from First Baptist Church, 219 Shaw Road,regarding the parking spaces, asking for 9 x 20 spaces instead of the requirement of 10 x 20.

          Mr. Applegate introduced John Hammond who was representing the church.  Mr. Applegate said that approximately two years ago, due to finances, the church had asked the planning commission for additional time for the completion of the parking lot for their new church.  The Planning Commission had granted that request.


          Mr. Applegate said everything concerning the parking lot is in compliance except for the actual size of the parking spaces.  Mr. Applegate said in the past, they have agreed to spaces that were 9 x 20 feet rather that 10 x 20 feet.  He said that the staff has reviewed the application and recommends the approval of this special exception.


          Mrs. Thomas-Roth said she was not against this but asked why they were reducing the spaces.  Mr. Marsh also asked why they were going with nine feet wide instead of ten feet wide.

          Mr. Hammond said that they were going to have four rows of parking.  Using ten feet wide spaces, they could fit ten spaces in the one hundred feet width available.  If they used nine foot spaces, they could get eleven spaces in so they would be picking up four additional parking spaces. 

          Mr. Applegate said that most parking lots have spaces nine feet wide instead of ten feet because cars are smaller now.  The church is also working around some existing trees.  He said the city allows special conditions that would allow any facility to be in compliance but they have would have to be granted a special exception.


          Mr. Bruns commented that originally, the planning commission had asked for seventeen spaces and the church was putting in more than that.   Mr. Hammond said that the church had some funds available so they decided to do the parking lot now.


          Mrs. Thomas-Roth asked about the handicapped parking spaces.  Mr. Applegate said they have three that are in compliance. 


          In response to a question about parking being allowed on Shaw Road, Mr. Applegate said that parking was allowed but the city had received complaints from residents about people parking on both sides of the street on Sundays.  The church was continuing to grow which is why the church wants to put in their parking lot and fulfill their commitment to the planning commission. 


          Mr. Hammond said that church members had been parking on both sides of the road and they had made an announcement and asked them not to do that.  Mr. Applegate said that he did not want to have restrictive parking on Shaw Road and he would only do that as a last resort.  He said that the church members had complied and were only parking on one side of the road.  Mr. Applegate added that by granting this special exception, the church would have more parking spaces which would be less parking on the street.  He said the church had been very good to work with.   He said most of the parking lots now use the nine foot wide spaces.


          Mr. Bruns moved that the special exception be granted.  Mrs. Thomas-Roth seconded the motion.  All concurred and the special exception to First Baptist Church was granted.


          3.       Open Agenda


          There was nothing for the open agenda.


          4.       Mr. Bruns moved that the Board of Zoning Appeals meeting be adjourned.  Mr. Marsh seconded the motion.  All concurred and the Board of Zoning Appeals meeting was adjourned.