December 1, 2009




Members Present: 


Mayor Patricia Goudy           

John Bruns

Glynn Marsh                    



City Staff Members Present:                


John P. Applegate

Denise Winemiller



          The Board of Zoning Appeals meeting was called to order on December 1, 2009 by Mr. Marsh.


          Attendance was taken and Mrs. Thomas-Roth was not at the meeting.


          1.  Mr. Marsh asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes of November 3, 2009.  There were no corrections so Mr. Marsh moved that the minutes be accepted as prepared.  Mr. Bruns seconded the motion.  Mr. Bruns abstained and Mayor Goudy and Mr. Marsh voted in favor of the motion.  The minutes of the November 3, 2009 meeting were accepted as prepared.


          2.       09-05 - Zoning Variance request from Frank and Carlotta Webb, owners, and Thomas Sawyer, of Creative Hardscape, agent for the owners, for a variance in the rear yard setback for a pergola located at 110 Williams Way.

          Mr. Applegate introduced the property owner, Frank Webb, and contractor Thomas Sawyer. 

          Mr. Applegate indicated that the property was located in Lindeman Commons and that the staff recommends approval of the variance. 

          Mr. Bruns asked if there was going to be a footer.  Mr. Sawyer indicated there would not be a footer installed.  Mr. Bruns stated for the record that the pergola would not be able to be enclosed in the future and the property owners were aware of that. 

          Mr. Marsh, the developer, asked if Mr. Lindeman had approved the pergola design.  Mr. Lindeman had signed off on the plans.         

          Mr. Bruns moved that the variance be granted.  Mr. Marsh seconded the motion.  All concurred and the motion was granted.

          Mr. Marsh thanked the property owners for attending along with the builder.

          3.  Open Agenda

          There was nothing for the open agenda.

          4.       Mr. Bruns moved that the Board of Zoning Appeals meeting be adjourned.  Mayor Goudy seconded the motion.  All concurred and the meeting was adjourned.