April 13, 2009



The April 13, 2009 City of Union council meeting was called to order by Vice Mayor, Michael O’Callaghan on April 13, 2009, 7:30 p.m. on Monday.


          Attendance was taken and the following council members were present:  Mr.  Bruns, Mrs. Kyle, Mr. O’Callaghan, Mr. Blackwell, and Mrs. Perkins. 


          Mr. O’Callaghan asked if Mrs. Winemiller had heard from the absent members on council and she had not.  Mayor Goudy’s and Mrs. Terry’s absences were not excused. 


          Other city staff members present were John P. Applegate, City Manager, Denise Winemiller, Clerk of Council, and Brian Huelsman, sitting in for Law Director, Joe Moore. 


          Mr. O’Callaghan asked for a moment of silence. 


          1.       Mr. O’Callaghan asked if there were any additions or corrections from the council minutes of March 23, 2009.  There were no corrections so Mr. Bruns moved that the council minutes be accepted as prepared.  Mrs. Kyle seconded the motion.  Mrs. Perkins abstained and the other council members voted in favor of the motion.   The minutes were accepted as prepared.


          2.       There were two people that wished to talk to the council. 


          Glynn Marsh said he wanted to discuss the regional dispatch center.  He said he was very proud that Union had decided not to go with the regional dispatch, which was located twenty to twenty-five miles south of Union.  Mr. Marsh said obviously the center had not been checked out properly in advance.  He related the case where a house had burned down and fire equipment was sent to the wrong address and the other problems that have occurred. 

          Mr. Marsh said there was something else that surprised him in the news article.   He said one of the benefits of the dispatch center was the amount of money that was supposed to be saved with a regional dispatch.  The cost was supposed to be in the $5.00 to $6.00 range.  When it opened, the cost was already up to $11.00 with increases coming in the next two years.  Mr. Marsh was concerned that the cost was missed by one hundred percent which he felt showed they had not done proper research. Another thing that he liked about a local dispatch system was that there were three North Main Streets, and two South Main Streets, and someone local would have more knowledge about dispatching to the proper location.


          Monica L. Richardson from 121 Summitt Drive was present.  As principal of Englewood Hills, she was available to answer any questions concerning the resolution on the school levy that was on the agenda.




          Mr. O’Callaghan said this was not a permanent levy but a renewable levy.


          There were no questions or comments so Mr. Bruns moved to have the one reading and adopt Resolution 09-01.  Mr. O’Callaghan seconded the motion.  All concurred and Resolution 09-01 was adopted.


          4.       Open Agenda


                   Mr. O’Callaghan said that he wished to announce that there is a vacancy on the Planning Commission.  One of the planning commission members had moved out of town so his position is vacant.


                   Mr. O’Callaghan said he was sorry that Mrs. Terry wasn’t there to talk about the Easter egg hunt.  He said that it was very successful and he wished to thank Mrs. Terry, Union Elementary for letting the city have the event there, and the fire and police department.  He said it was a nice day and the place was packed.  He said it has become more popular every year.


                   Mr. O’Callaghan also thanked Mr. Applegate.  He said he had noticed that a lot of the lights had been replaced in the walkway area at Concord Farms North and it looked a lot better.


                   He also wanted to comment on how beautiful the pear trees are. 


                   Mrs. Perkins complimented the appearance of the pear trees and how well trimmed and even they looked. 


          Mr. Bruns said the term for the vacant planning commission seat expired in December, 2009 so it would be a short term but the person could be reappointed or someone else could be appointed.

          Mr. Bruns said that they are not required to advertise the position.  This position can be appointed by the mayor with approval by the council. 

          He thanked Mr. Brian Huelsman for sitting in for Joe Moore.


          Mr. Applegate said he wanted to add to Mrs. Perkin’s comments about the trees.  He said Jay Blackwell, who was attending tonight’s meeting,  heads the crew and does the actual trimming of the trees, probably has one of the best eyes he has ever seen when it comes to trimming trees.  He says they are perfect when you look down the street. 


          5.       Mr. Bruns moved that the council meeting be adjourned.  Mrs. Perkins seconded the motion.  All concurred and the April 13, 2009 council meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,



Denise A. Winemiller, Clerk of Council



Michael O’Callaghan, Vice Mayor