June 23, 2008



The City of Union council meeting was called to order on June 23, 2008, 7:30 p.m. on Monday.


Attendance was taken and the following council members were present:  Mr. Bruns, Mrs. Kyle, Mayor Goudy, Mr. Blackwell, and Mrs. Perkins. 


            Other city staff members present were John Applegate, City Manager, Denise Winemiller, Clerk of Council, and Joe Moore, Law Director.


          Mayor Goudy said that Mr. O’Callaghan had told her that he would be on vacation and not able to attend the meeting.  Mayor Goudy moved to excuse Mr. O’Callaghan from attending the council meeting.  Mr. Bruns seconded the motion.  All concurred and Mr. O’Callaghan’s absence was excused.


          Since no one had heard from Mrs. Terry, her absence was not excused. 


          Mayor Goudy called for a moment of silence.


          1.       Mayor Goudy asked if there were any additions or corrections to the council minutes of June 9, 2008.  There were no additions or corrections so Mr. Bruns moved that the council minutes be accepted as prepared.  Mayor Goudy seconded the motion.  All concurred and the minutes were accepted as prepared.


          2.       There were no comments from the citizens and visitors in the audience.




          Mr. Applegate said this ordinance deals with the purchase of real estate.  The property is the small yellow house located behind the city building at the corner of the alley and Montgomery Street.  This ordinance also allows the City Manager to enter into an agreement to purchase the property. 

          Mr. Applegate said this was the subject of a discussion with the council a few weeks ago.  The city has received a Community Development Grant of $50,000 to put towards the improvement of the property.  Mr. Applegate said they have looked at this property for years, knowing that they could use additional parking at the city building.  In the past, the purchase of the property would have cost too much money.  Now, the house has been repossessed and is a HUD home. 


          Mrs. Perkins asked why this ordinance was written as an emergency ordinance.  Mr. Applegate said that the council would not meet for another three weeks and the seller is expecting to have a closing within two weeks.  Also, if not done by an emergency, they would have to call a special meeting of the council.


          Mr. Bruns moved that Ordinance No. 1450 be declared an emergency for the reasons set forth in the ordinance.  Mrs. Kyle seconded the motion.  All concurred and Ordinance No. 1450 was declared an emergency.


          Mr. Bruns then moved to have the one and only reading and adopt emergency ordinance 1450.  Mr. Blackwell seconded the motion.  All concurred and Ordinance 1450 was adopted.


          4.       Open Agenda


          Mr. Blackwell asked if there was any more information on the AT & T utility boxes.  Mr. Applegate said that they were going to be discussing that at the next planning commission meeting and hoped to be submitting something to the council at the July, 2008 council meeting.


          Mrs. Goudy asked about the resurfacing of Phillipsburg-Union Road.  Mr. Applegate said the company is a little behind but they hope to be in town sometime in the middle of the next week.


          Mr. Applegate discussed when the budget committee would meet to review the budget.  The Budget Committee members decided on Tuesday, July 8, at 7:00 p.m.  The public hearing for the FY 2009 budget will be held July 9, at 6:00 p.m.

          Mrs. Perkins asked if they could meet later because she was unavailable. They discussed a new time and date for the budget meeting.  They decided on Tuesday, July 8, at 7:00 p.m.


          Mr. Applegate said they will be putting in the stand by generator in the new iron removal building in the next couple of weeks and the outside of the building was finished.

          Mr. Applegate said that once it was done, he would like the council to stop by and see the new building before a council meeting.  He said they were very proud of the building.


          Mrs. Winemiller asked if they could amend the agenda to add Ordinance 1450.   


 Mr. Bruns moved to amend the council agenda to include item number 3, Ordinance 1450.  Mayor Goudy seconded the motion.  All concurred and the council agenda was amended.


          5.       Mrs. Kyle moved that the council meeting be adjourned.  Mr. Blackwell seconded the motion.  All concurred and the council meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,




Denise A. Winemiller, Clerk of Council



Michael O’Callaghan, Vice Mayor