February 25, 2008


Mayor Goudy called the Monday, February 25, 2008 City of Union council meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

          Attendance was taken and the following council members were present:  Mr. Bruns, Mrs. Terry, Mrs. Kyle, Mayor Goudy, Mr. O’Callaghan, and Mrs. Perkins. 

          Other city employees attending the meeting were John P. Applegate, City Manager, Denise Winemiller, Clerk of Council, and Joe Moore, Law Director.

          Mayor Goudy called for a moment of silence.

          1.       Mayor Goudy asked if there were any additions or corrections to the council minutes from the February 11, 2008 council meeting.  There were no corrections so Mr. Bruns moved that the minutes be accepted as prepared.  Mr. O’Callaghan seconded the motion.  All concurred and the February 11, 2008 minutes were accepted as prepared.

          2.       Mayor Goudy asked if there were any nominations to fill the vacancy on the council. 

          Mr. Bruns moved that David Blackwell be appointed to the city council.  Mr. O’Callaghan seconded the motion.  All concurred and Mr. Blackwell was appointed to the city council.

          3.       Mayor Goudy asked Mr. Blackwell to step forward and he was sworn in as council member by Mr. Moore the law director.  Mr. Blackwell then took his seat as council member.

          4.       Citizens and Visitors

          Mr. Glynn Marsh said he wanted to provide the council with an update on the Randolph Township Historical Society.  He said the historical society was started ten years ago to preserve and collect history of the entire area.  He said they currently had over two hundred members.

          Mr. Marsh said they had more activities planned for 2008 and that they were in the process of purchasing a 1880 brick church for the permanent home of the Randolph Township Historical Society.  He thanked Union and the surrounding communities for their support.

          5.       Open Agenda

          Mayor Goudy introduced Donna Brown, the Manager of the Northmont Library.  Mayor Goudy read a proclamation on the Kids! @ Your Library® Week.

          Mrs. Perkins asked Mr. Applegate how the city was doing with their supply of salt because of the salt shortage that had been covered on the news.  Mr. Applegate said they had two hundred tons but due to the shortage they were starting to cut the salt with sand.  Mr. Applegate said they were not in the same situation as some of the other cities because they had received a delivery of salt before the shortage.

          Mrs. Perkins also said that it was an extraordinary opportunity to interview and hear the views from the other candidates for the council.  She thanked them for their involvement and hoped they would continue to be interested in the city and future council positions.

          Mr. Blackwell thanked the Mayor and Council and said he hoped that he would do as well as they had over the years.

          Mr. O’Callaghan congratulated Mr. Blackwell and also thanked the other applicants for the council position.  He said he appreciated hearing their views and would keep them in mind for the future.  He also invited their participation in helping the city in other ways, such as serving on the park board.

          Mr. O’Callaghan also said that the city employees were doing a good job in handling the ice and snow this winter.

          Mrs. Terry welcomed Mr. Blackwell and thanked the other residents that applied for the council position, inviting them to keep in contact with the city for future available openings.

          Mrs. Terry asked the city for funds for the Easter egg hunt.

          Mr. Bruns commented that the event would be held on March 15, at 10:30 a.m. at Union Elementary School.  Mrs. Terry said there would be different age groups searching for 2,000 eggs and parents and grandparents were invited.  She said there were other prizes, and punch and cookies were offered.  She also said she could use help with the event.

          Mr. Bruns thanked Shirley Routson, Christopher Gleason, Cheryl Layer, and Bonnie Martin for trying to make a difference and making a great presentation.  He said he hoped he would see them again.  Mr. Bruns said the first time he tried to get on council, he was turned down for Larry Beyer, who later became Mayor.  The second time he tried, he was turned down for Michael O’Callaghan, who is still on the council.  The third time he tried, he became a member of council.  He asked the residents to maintain their interest in the city and continue to share their thoughts. 

          6.       Mr. O’Callaghan moved that the February 25, 2008 City of Union council meeting be adjourned.  Mr. Bruns seconded the motion.  All concurred and the council meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,



Denise A. Winemiller, Clerk of Council



Michael O’Callaghan, Vice Mayor